True Red Terrors

It’s been a while, everyone! I’ve been slowly collecting data and will get you some updates to my parrot and convict posts one of these days. The EBJD and devil parrot experiments are basically dead in the water, but I hope to at least tidy up those threads a bit, post some more photos/results, and make some comments about the experiences, leaving the topic of cross-breeding alone in the future.

For now, I’ll just start with a small teaser of what’s to come, but after years and years of keeping an eye out at my LFSs, I have finally found myself some properly labelled, honest-to-goodness true red terrors (“Cichlasoma” festae)!

I’ll talk a bit about the ways to identify true vs. false red terrors and keep snapping pics as these gorgeous, but violent fish grow.

True red terror babies

[More to follow!]


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