Believe It or Not

…Toronto now has a marine aquarium at the base of the CN Tower: Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada — another tourist trap, designed to profit from the showcase of captive marine life under the guise of providing education to the masses. This is not sitting well with me one bit. 

Leave them on the reef!

Before I’m an aquarist and the Crazy Fish Guy, I’m an ecologist, environmentalist, animal lover, and 20-year vegetarian. (No, I don’t eat fish!) I have never kept saltwater tanks, and I’m now becoming much more aware of what doing so actually costs.

Passing through the area, I’ve known of the construction of this site for quite some time. It’s only been recently, however, that the true impact of its presence has become clear to me and what that actually means to marine life.

I’ll keep it short today, but hope you’ll all consider how you spend your tourist dollars before supporting a facility such as this.

For more information on how you can help:

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