Welcome to my blog!

Some notes and guidelines for this blog:
–> Posts will be brought to the top of the feed whenever they are updated with new information, so re-read old posts if you see them jump the queue. I’m working on adding updated & created dates to each entry.
–> Some of my pre-formatted text sections seem to be magically losing their line breaks, so please let me know if you find one of these sections in a post and I will fix it.
–> Fish are friends, not food!
–> Fries are chips, not fish! (Baby fish are fry, plural)
–> Common names of species are printed in lowercase, unless they incorporate a proper noun, in which case only the proper noun is capitalised. (NOTE: Older posts are still being revised to fix this. Thanks Zed!)
–> Scientific/Latin names are italicised with a capital on the genus and lowercase for the species name. Genus names can be reduced to just their first letter if they have been spelt out in full once already.
–> This blog does its best to conform to the rules of the international flavour of English that is used in English-speaking countries other than the United States. All posts are written in international/UK/non-US/the Queen’s English. I’m Canadian; that’s how I roll.
–> Plurals of Latin loanwords have been preserved: medium becomes media, not mediums; aquarium becomes aquaria, not aquariums; data is treated as the plural of datum; et cetera.
–> Apostrophes should never, ever, ever (EVER!) be used to indicate plural, so EBJDs, not EBJD’s.
–> The contents of this blog represent original work. All pictures were photographed personally (or used with permission of their respective owners and cited appropriately), while the text represents many months of personal research, experience, and chatting with other aquarists. Everything is happily shared with you, but is here for informational and educational purposes only. Please do use, link to and learn from the this blog, and share it with your friends, however, stealing or reposting is just not good karma, and I will be forced  to hunt you if you do! Just sayin’.
–> Found something helpful? Have a story to share? Disagree with everything I’ve written? I’d love to hear from you. Please comment, comment, comment!
–> …However, if you’re posting comments for the world to see, please do so using full sentences and proper punctuation. I will not feel badly about editing out messenger shorthand and other such atrocities.
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