Tank Upgrade!

So, after finding a gift card to Big Al’s under the Christmas tree, I made use of the annual Boxing Week Blowout sale and ordered a new tank! I got the biggest tank that would realistically fit on my shelf, a 72″ x 18″ x 22″ 125 gallon (that really holds 112 gallons). Two and a half weeks later, it finally arrived. After arriving in store to pick up the tank, I found that it was shoved in the highest farthest corner of the store and the associates didn’t feel comfortable getting it down without additional help, though they surely did try. (Cue “how many Big Al’s guys does it take to carry out a fish tank?” joke here.) After a ninety-minute wait for the added muscle, trying to contain my excitement, the tank was at last loaded into the car and brought home and set up with the help a friend…

It was placed atop my shelf and fit just perfectly into the space that I’d cleared. About 40 kg of new white silica sand from Home Depot was washed and added to the bottom of the tank to replace the blue gravel that was washing out the fish colours and making them appear too dark.

The canister filter and one of the heaters were put into place and switched on to make the water nice for the inhabitants who’ve been patiently waiting in a 25 gallon short (bottom-middle tank) for the past few days for their new home to arrive! In the mean time, some of the decorations were added.

After adding most of the decorations and waiting until the sand had settled and the water was at proper temperature, just a few of the fish were added to ensure that the filter’s old media didn’t require any extra cycle time. Will check the water parameters in the morning and make sure everything is okay.

The results of the water testing were not quite as stable as I’d hoped:
~8 °GH/5 °KH/7.2 < pH < 7.8/NH3 = 0.50 ppm/NO3 < 10 ppm

Water and the already-cycled hang-on-back filter from the old tank were transferred over, along with some more decorations, the rest of the fish and fresh water…

It’s full! The second heater was added and everything put in its final place. The water is still a bit cloudy, but it looks great, no? Will test the water soon to ensure the second filter drops the ammonia levels back down, else I’m running to actually buy cycle aid…ugh.

Nice clear water!

Tonight’s tests showed some improvement in water parameters:
pH = ~7.0/NH3 = 0.25 ppm/NO3 = 5 ppm

Day 2’s tests indicated the ammonia levels dropping and the nitrates going up, so no cycle aid will be necessary. Yay!
pH = ~7.0/0 ppm < NH3 < 0.25 ppm/NO3 = 20 ppm

New tank time usually means the fishroom gets a big overhaul and en masse tank cleaning, so I thought I’d grab a few shots of the tanks while they are at their best.

😀 😀 😀 Merry Christmas to meeeeeeeeee! 😀 😀 😀

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